Relational Approach

At the heart of my approach is the therapeutic relationship. This relationship enables us to move through difficult times by bringing care and attention to the troubled part of us, and by supporting the development of our internal resources. I work alongside my clients and form deep and trusting relationships with them, whilst maintaining professional boundaries.

Depth psychology

I draw on Jungian, developmental and psychodynamic perspectives. This can involve working deeply with my clients’ individual histories. I am very interested in attending to dreams and working with metaphor and the imagination as a means to integration and healing.

Soulful approach

I bring a perspective that recognises meaning in distress and fosters compassion, wisdom, authenticity, empowerment, creativity and growth. Alongside this I give a place for the shadow and potential which might be hidden from view. This can bring authenticity and wholeness – living with all our colours, needs and emotions more fully engaged in life.

I am committed to providing a confidential, supportive and non-judgemental space. This facilitates a respectful and creative therapeutic relationship which supports healing, growth and change. In this way, I work in support of your healing and finding your way forward at a pace that is right for you.