Counselling Provides

  • A confidential and non-judgmental space
  • A supportive and restorative therapeutic relationship
  • Stratagies for working with depression, trauma and anxiety
  • A holding space to heal wounds
  • Regular reviews

Some of the benefits of Counselling

  • Form genuine and fulfilling relationships
  • Find a way through anxiety or depression
  • Change self-defeating patterns
  • Connection with a deeper sense of Self, purpose and creativity
  • Restore after a historic or recent loss or traumatic event
  • Honour and celebrate your life journey
  • Self awareness and self compassion

Age 16-28

I work with students and young people on many issues including: relationship issues, self harm, rage and anger, suicidal thoughts, loss of purpose and motivation, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and addiction. Alongside this, counselling can help with the challenges of leaving home, belonging and finding your direction and way in the world.